Billing Information...

Billing Information...

Will You Bill My Insurance?

Both the Blanchard Valley Hospital and Bluffton Hospital Laboratories will file your bill with the insurance carrier you have authorized. We will ask for your insurance information when you schedule your lab appointment. This “pre-registration” will save time and confusion when you come in for your lab test.

What If Your Insurance Doesn't Pay?

If your insurance carrier refuses the claim, you will receive a bill. The most common reasons for claim denial are:
(1) You were not covered by your insurance plan the day you received the service.
(2) The service you received was not covered by your plan.
(3) Physicians or facilities outside your plan’s network provided the service.
(4) There was no authorization or referral on file for the service.
(5) Your insurance carrier needs additional information from whomever had provided the service, and
(6) Inaccurate, incomplete or outdated insurance information was recorded at the time of service.

Please note, if you have changed insurance companies, contact our Billing Department immediately at 877-462-6017.

More Than One Invoice?

Often, you may receive two separate bills for laboratory tests. One bill will be from the hospital laboratory and the other from the pathologists. Both provide a service that is needed to ensure accurate results. Please call the Billing Department if you have any questions.